Qual Course Across UW

Qual Courses Across the UW


909 Research Methods and Research Design in Cultural Anthropology
913 Seminar: Theory and Method in Ethnography

Curriculum and Instruction

607 Educational Media, Representation and the Construction of Knowledge: Visual Storytelling (Spring)
675 Assessing Learning with Digital Tools in the Curriculum (Periodically)
675 Case Study and Phenomenology in Case Study Research (Summers)
675 Grounded Theory (Spring)
*719 Introduction to Qualitative Research (Fall)
726 Qualitative Methods of Studying Children and Contexts (Periodically)
720 Field Methods (Infrequently)
725 Ethnographic Methods (Periodically)
800 Issues in Educational Communication Technology: Photography as a Research Method (Fall)
900 Research and Theory in Instructional Technology (Spring)
718 Introduction to Narrative Inquiry (Fall)
723 Life History (Spring)
975 Analyzing Online Social Interaction (Alternative Even Spring Years)
975 Discourse Analysis (Spring)

Environmental Studies-Gaylord Institute for Environmental Studies

900 Historical & Cultural Methods in Environmental Research

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

824 Qualitative Field Research Design and Methodology (Fall & Summer)
940 Advanced Qualitative Methods and Critical Epistemologies
940 Field Studies in Race, Poverty & Inequality in Schools

Educational Policy Studies

*788 Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Field Methods I
*789 Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Field Methods II
955 Seminar-Qualitative Methodology(Periodically)


503 Qualitative Research

Human Development and Family Studies

773 Analytic Approaches in Qualitative Research Uttal

Industrial and Systems Engineering

691 Human-Computer Interaction

Life Science Communication

875 Qualitative Research Methods


805 Qualitatively-Based Marketing Insights


701 Interpretive Research in Health Care Settings
801 Grounded Theory Methodology: Foundations and Practice
803 Advanced Research Design and Methods I
804 Advanced Research Design and Methods II

Political Science

816 Empirical Methods of Political Inquiry: Qualitative

Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education

660 Qualitative Data Analysis with NVIVO (Periodically, Summers) Trainor
*789 Field Methods II: Qualitative Data Analysis (Spring) Trainor


535 Ethnomethodology: Language and Social Interaction
754 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology
755 Methods of Qualitative Research
901 The Grounded Theory Research Method
955 Seminar-Qualitative Methodology
965 Ethnomethodology

Social Work

949 Qualitative Methods for Social Science Research

*Crosslisted in Counseling Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy Studies, Educational Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education